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PT. Dimas Andalas Medika
Jl. Gatot Subroto
Komp. Prima Center Blok G No. 3
Medan 20122, Sumatera Utara
Telp. +62 (061) 8051 2388 / 845 9393
Fax. +62 (061) 8051 2899

Products - Suction Pump
- Designed to suck the liquid in the intestines, stomach, chest and celiac continuously after the surgery - Low pressure - Powered by electromagnetic pump - Stopping and alarming automatically when the storage bottle is full of liquid - ...
- Designed to meet the high demand in hospitals and physician practices - Efficient single rotor vacuum pump - High flowrate and durability - Simple to operate and easy to carry
- Designed for extracting various mucus such as phlegm from patient' s throat - Oil - less vacuum source with a piston cylinder pump - Compact, light, plastic liquid bottle and unit case, and convenient for carrying